Fleet Services

At Acclaim Auto Care, we understand that your fleet of vehicles is the lifeline of your business. We are a registered provider with companies like ARI Fleet Management, GE Fleet Services, Element Fleet, Enterprise Fleet, and numerous other fleet management companies.

 Some repairs are covered by insurance, and we will work with your insurance provider to share the information leading to coverage of expenses by your insurance company.

 Our pick-up and delivery service allows your personnel to attend to your company’s business, while we service, maintain and repair your vehicles. A mid route break-down is a major head ache and a reliable vehicle insures that you can provide revenue producing services that your company provides.

 Establishing a preventive maintenance program insures that we will anticipate needed repairs and schedule them with parts ready to go, facilitating minimal down time and repair turn around.

 We will establish a customized plan using single point of contact for authorizing repair and maintenance charges, purchase order management as well as weekly or monthly consolidated invoicing along with statements and detailed invoices.

 We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment to visit our facility, or if you prefer, one of our staff will visit you at your location to become familiar with your operations and vehicles, as well as discuss your specific program needs.

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